Your Single Source Marketing Partner

Frustrated Working With Multiple Vendors?

If you have multiple vendors controlling your marketing assets, you know it’s nearly impossible to effectively maximize your results.

So we created a single source marketing solution that will ensure your success through Strategic ThinkingStrategic Execution and Strategic Analysis.

A dealership’s success starts with Strategic Thinking.

You know marketing should be focused, but yours is spread in too many directions with too many vendors owning a piece of it. Plug & Play vendors use the same strategy for every dealer. Their only focus is to sell you. 

With our unique approach to Strategic Thinking, we create, build, modify and execute marketing strategies that are 100% about your dealership’s success.

Tired of seeing invoices, but not seeing results from your Plug & Play vendors? Unlike your vendors, we’re uniquely  equipped to provide you with a Strategic Execution that gets results.

Our Strategic Execution is focused on your goals, inventory, sales force and market conditions. 
When was the last time any of your vendors asked about one of these critical areas?

Dealers are exhausted with vendor data that is one-sided and useless. Our exclusive Smart Analytics dashboard follows all the right dealership metrics and analyzes the success of your marketing investments.

Dealers enjoy seeing real time insights that confirm their strategy and execution which creates more sales opportunities for dealerships.

Over 150 Dealerships Served

Over 30 Years of Experience

Start Now With State of the Art Analytics

100% Dealership Oriented Data

The Industry’s First Key Performance Indicator Tracker. It’s time to know exactly what is moving your business forward…and what’s not…


Through years of development and testing we provide industry specific data that is easy to understand and provides true actionable insights to run your marketing campaigns. 

After we analyze your Smart Analytics, here are some of the tools we may recommend to ensure Your Success.

Search Engine Marketing
Our search team will create a brand and type search campaign in the proper Geo Targeted areas. In turn, we provide Adwords analytics and Smart Analytics reviews on a monthly basis. SEM will be a combination of Dynamic and Dealership brand and vehicle search ads. 

Social Media Management
Manage Facebook and Pinterest pages. Our Facebook program will provide daily posts including product, lifestyle and customers. Deploy boosted posts, web click ads and lead form ads. Facebook video and now Instant Experience. Plus monitor reviews and provide reputation management.

Facebook & Instagram Ads
Complete Facebook and Instagram ad management, including dynamic retargeting, web click ads and more.

Traditional Media
Our media experts utilize state-of-the-art software to ensure your investments are maximized for great results. Buying over 50 markets across America provides powerful insights for your dealership. 

Over-The-Top (OTT)
Our advanced software targets your market based on demographics, shopping behavior, or by mailing address. Utilize over 450 streaming platforms like Sling TV, Hulu, and Amazon Video,  for a fraction of the cost of local media.

Video & Audio Production
Our custom video and audio production services are tailored to engage your target audience with dynamic messaging that will boost traffic to your website and dealership. Whether you’re developing a new branding strategy, a retail event, or any other kind of promotion, our creative team will reach more people with frequency and consistency across multiple platforms.

There’s nothing more powerful than video on the #1 video platform. For pennies, we’ll serve up your commercials to highly-targeted prospective customers watching videos on YouTube and YouTube partners.

Graphic Design
One place, one design! We’ll keep your messaging consistent with attention-grabbing designs for your website, banner ads, social media posts, Facebook ads, display ads, direct mail, billboards, and everything else.

In House Email
A custom deployment platform for email marketing, that provides quick turnaround and timely messaging to your prospects. IHUB services include coding, art and list management.

Conquest Email
Target your competitors’ customers for as little as 3¢ per email. Our dynamic audience filters deliver emails at a higher rate than your in-house list. With over 5 million emails deployed, the results speak for themselves. 

Our Geo Fencing capabilities are numerous. Geo Fence up to 24 competitors’ locations, reach a relevant audience at a low cost, and get detailed reporting on visitors from other dealerships. 

Direct Mail
Proactively target top customers with compelling, personalized content, hand-delivered to their door. Direct mail is still a highly effective way to reach your audience.