The 35¢ Lead

Aug 26, 2015

Every business across the country is looking for more qualified sales leads. We’ve found a way to provide our RV and Auto dealers with incredibly cost efficient and effective online leads. We call it the 35¢ lead, but the cost of these leads actually varies from around 60¢ to as low as 2¢!

People generally associate Facebook ads with generating action on the Facebook page, but Facebook ads can also link to your website, and even more important, can link directly to specials or a vehicle description page.

If you are familiar with Facebook ads you know they can geo targeted by city, state, zip code or a mile radius, so you can target the area you typically draw your sales from. Plus they can be demographically and lifestyle targeted through the use of lifestyle keywords. For example, if we are going to place want we call a Facebook to Web click ad for a Lance Camper, we are going to choose the area, target adults 35-65 and use keywords like Lance Camper, camper, truck camper, travel trailer, camping, hunting, fishing, outdoor living, and the like. By doing so, our ads will be directed to people within the chosen geography, in this age demo and interested in a camper or travel trailer and/or enjoy these lifestyle trigger terms.

And here is the BEST PART! The results. With a total spend of $65, just 2¢ per click 3400+people clicked to the actual product advertised on the Lance Camper Website and the reach was almost 88K!! (of course our example is the lowest cpp !)


But, proceed with caution, due to the tremendous, cost efficient leads, Facebook Click to Web ads can become addicting!