Making People SMILE at Your Facebook Content

Aug 26, 2015

No matter what business you are in one of the deadly Facebook sins is having too much retail messaging on your Facebook page. Some die-hard Facebook folks might say there should be no retail, but when you are making Social media part of your marketing plan (and you should) you can build brand awareness, improve your Search Engine Optimization and provide some retail offers or specials while cultivation those relationships. Just make sure you sprinkle it in with a lot or interesting, relevant and content that will tickle the funny bone. It’s like the old saying…”A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down”.

But where to do find ideas for fun content and still make is somewhat relevant to your product, which is important. Funny, just to be funny is not nearly as impactful as being funny in a way that is relevant to your product/service or the lifestyle of the user.

Here is just one idea that can help you build a multitude of smile generating and engaging content. Go to Google and find a list of funny, weird and whacky holidays. You will find several sites to choose from. Choose those holidays that would be most relevant to your product/service or the lifestyle of the end user, and then appropriate graphics, relevant copy for the graphic and use that and your post copy to link day to your product or service. And sometimes, when celebrating a National holiday or the post is community or locally oriented, it is ok if it does not have a direct connection.

Here are a few examples:

Superior             LDbear

truck           astros

classic          horse

truck1                women


Be careful with the graphics you use. Purchase from a site like Fotolia or Shutterstock or be sure the graphic is ok for public usage. Sound like a lot of work? Make it easy. Just call Wheeler Advertising and we will do it for you!!