Customized geo-targeted area
Customized 15 & 30 commercials
Highly targeted prospects list
Commercials will only play to targeted individuals in your area
Banner ads will be built to accompany pre roll
Commercials will play on any of the 20,000 sites in our ads network
Prospects will be encouraged to click on your ad and go straight to your landing page
Every view we purchase is guaranteed

Minimum cost is $600 (50% co-opable)


Google :AdWords

Geo-targeted area for your Google AdWords
Personalized Google AdWords campaign structure
Unique Lance landing page with Lance and dealer branding
Updated inventory management on landing page
Personalized Bid management
Monthly copy change to increase relevancy
Monthly analytics
Invoicing for co-op reimbursement
Review and monthly optimization and budget adjustment

Google AdWords budget is COMPLETELY co-oped
$130 monthly Wheeler management fee


Custom review, set up or re-design of your social media platform
2 weekly Lance specific Facebook posts
Weekly Lance specific blog posts
5 weekly Lance specific tweets
Weekly Google+ posts
Monitoring and engagement of interaction on Lance posts
Quarterly Lance social media events
Direct account service help for social media assistance

$150 monthly fee (50% co-opable)
$200 set up fee