How to GROW Your Facebook Fan Base

Aug 5, 2015

Get More Fans

Growing your fan base on your business Facebook page can be a daunting task, especially when you are starting the page from scratch. With the right strategy and tools, however, growing your fan base can be much easier than you could ever expect.

Once you have your page up and running with an appealing and branded cover photo and the information sections all filled out, you are ready to grow your page. Begin by planning out a calendar for the month which includes holidays, events, sales, specials and more. This calendar will be used to help you map out what content you will be posting for the month. Once you have this completed, you can begin collecting engaging graphics to accompany your messaging for your posts. Work to make your content engaging and pose questions to your audience – you always want to have content on your page that would make you look twice and engage with a like, comment, or share. Be sure that your page isn’t 100% retail messaging all the time. Incorporate fun content that is just there to make people laugh, celebrate a holiday, or addresses a current event or topic. Engaging and fun content is truly the key to building your fan base and drawing people in to what your business has to offer.

Once you have a good stream of engaging content being posted to your page on a daily basis, you can then enlist help of Facebook ads to help build your page further. Begin this by setting your monthly budget. The more you spend, the better your results will be, but how much you want to start with is entirely up to you. The recommended starting place would be $100/month to dedicate towards ads that are geographically and demographically targeted.

If growing your Facebook page is something you’re interested in, give us a call! We would love the chance to provide our ideas on ways to help grow your fan base.