Getting to Know SEO

Jul 31, 2015

In the business world, SEO is a powerful buzzword that drives the way that companies approach online marketing. But what exactly is SEO? Getting to know what SEO is and how it works will help your business better understand what it takes to remain competitive in the online marketplace. Below, we provide a brief overview of what SEO is and how it affects your marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, SEO is how companies get organic, or free, traffic from search engine results. All of the major search engines like Google show content based on its relevance to users. SEO is the process of improving your visibility on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) through the use of relevant keywords.

SEO involves both on-page and off-page optimization. Though SEO can be a bit complex, the basic factors that impact your company’s search engine optimization include textual content, which should include the use of relevant and carefully selected keywords; other on-page elements, such as HTML code and images; and off-page optimization like backlinks, which link viewers to other relevant websites.

There are a number of strategies that companies can utilize to improve their SEO, and thus their visibility on the search engine results page. Due to the many moving parts involved in SEO, many businesses hire outside help to improve their rankings.

How SEO Impacts Your Business

When you are looking for something on Google, how often do you go past the first page of the search engine results? The results that you find on the first page have been placed there based on their SEO. When your company optimizes your website and content for the search engine, then your page is placed higher in the search rankings, which increases the probability of a new user finding and clicking on your content.

You know SEO is important to increasing visibility and driving traffic to your website, but where do you start? We can help you improve your Search Engine Marketing by boosting your SEO and increasing your visibility on search engines.