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Video Production

Professional Grade.

Video is the most powerful way to message your customers. YouTube is positioned to take over Facebook as the #2 most visited website, and the average adult is still watching almost 4 hrs of TV per day. Make sure your video is memorable and sends the right message. Let our 27 years of experience guide your next lifestyle or promotional TV spot.

High Quality TV, Pre-Roll & Lifestyle Video.


New Product!

You’ve probably heard of GeoFencing, but not like this. Eliminate wasted spend by targeting shoppers while they are on your competitors lots, at auto shows, even campgrounds! Our cutting edge technology can then track these shoppers back to your store.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see how many people visited your store AFTER seeing one of your ads? Let us show you how it works.

Get Market Exclusivity Before It's Gone!

Media Buying

More Spots. Better Rates.

We believe that frequency is one of the biggest factors in conversion. At Wheeler, we want to help make your dollar go further. It’s also important to make sure you are running your spots in the most relevant time slots with congruent programming. Let us do the heavy lifting by planning and executing a more efficient media buy across all traditional mediums using our state of the art software!

State Of The Art Optimization Software

Google Ads

Premier Google Partner

Formerly known as Adwords, Google’s flagship marketing product continues to be an extremely powerful way to gain new leads for your dealership. We are a Premier Partner with expert knowledge in exactly how to best attract, convert, and retarget new customers. Drive more traffic, website leads and phone calls with our strategy. Check out our new dynamic search & display features, guaranteed to improve your performance.

Search & Display, Done Right. Go Dynamic!

Direct Mail

Targeted For Your Buyers.

Targeted Direct Mail remains an incredibly efficient way to reach qualified car buyers. We take it one step further by breaking down our mailers into category segments to match the perfect mailer with the perfect shopper. High quality prints, clean data, and quick turn around make us the preferred choice for direct mail marketing. Save at least 10% over the competition!* Did we mention we can also pair OTT with direct mail?

Affordable, Targeted, Huge ROI.

Geo Match

Serve The Right Content.

Delivering dynamic content to your website shoppers is incredibly important.  We use our exclusive software to show different offers and content to your online shoppers based on their geographical location. Need to show a Class A motorhome to an out of state shopper that’s willing to travel? Easy. Want to show a specific sale offer by region?  With Geo Match, you have total control.

Change Website Content Based On Location

Creative Services

30 Years Of Retail Auto Design.

Over 30 years of retail RV experience insures that you will have the right message for the right time of the year. Take advantage of our full graphics department, two video edit bays, a camera crew and an in-house audio studio, provides everything you need to be successful.  Our talented team of creative professionals can take your design work to a new level. We love creative work!

Professional Graphics For Any Purpose.

Local SEO

Get Discovered, Locally.

Our partnership with YEXT allows us to maximize over 70 local directories with your accurate business information. We then load each directory with keywords and links that route traffic back to your dealership website, enhancing your SEO. We are also experts at managing your business listings on Google & Bing, and know how to maximize your audience using the latest features!

Leave A Larger Footprint In Your Local Market.


Dealership Knowledge. Agency Experience.

Do you have questions about how to structure your marketing budget?  Concerns about your current strategy or outside providers?  Let us guide you with nearly 30 years of automotive marketing experience. We are fully staffed with marketing experts who have years of dealership experience. We are here to help you, use our knowledge as power to help grow your RV dealership in the years to come!

Get A Free Marketing Audit!

IHUB Email

Prepare To Deploy.

IHUB is our custom deployment platform for email marketing which provides quick turnaround, timely messaging, and custom design. Never worry about clean data or lists again, we do all of the heavy lifting.  Provide powerful offers to your shoppers using one of the most efficient marketing tactics available.  Ask us about the other ways we can use your customer lists & data! Custom audiences bring big CTRs!

Your Best Offers, Delivered.

Radio - Voiceover

Distinguish Your Brand.

We all know that radio is a popular marketing channel for car dealers!  We are well equipped to provide you with professional-grade audio and top level voiceover talent to help drive your marketing message home in local, regional or national markets. Contact us today to find out how we can help give your dealership a distinct, memorable sound.

Bring Your Message Home!


Get Connected!

Engage with users like never before. Over The Top video is video content transported from a video provider to a connected device over the Internet outside the closed networks of telecom and cable providers. Now Wheeler can help you expand your reach past the traditional cable and TV efforts.

Reach More Devices With Video!


Have You Heard About Dynamic Advance?

Show inventory levels, pricing and more information automatically! Start getting more for your money by using dynamic marketing.

Starting FROM $149...

Dealership Websites

Created for car dealers who want to focus on Vehicle Detail Page Views, SmartAnalytics, and better traffic. Meet the new gold standard in automotive website design, form and functionality. Start getting more leads today.

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Optimized For Speed
  • Built For Conversion
  • Focus On VDPs

SmartAnalytics is the very first custom VDP analytics package created for car dealers.  SmartAnalytics provides the real time tracking of VDP views on every product and tracks the media source providing the VDP views.  SmartAnalytics supplies the dealership and Wheeler Advertising insights that drive better planning and execution.  Ready to improve?

Social Media

If you're ready to take your social media game to the next level, you need to have a strategy and a team that can deliver. Find out how we increase reach, and use beautiful creative to capture attention and drive leads.

  • Powerful Videos
  • Eye-catching Ad Design
  • Lead Form & Capture
  • Increase Engagement

You may already be using Facebook to promote your dealership, but are you using an agency that SPECIALIZES in social media management? Are you taking advantage of more than a dozen different advertising tactics currently available?  Facebook continues to be inexpensive, highly effective, and very targeted.  Ask about our other social platforms as well!