peer2peer marketing

Relationship Marketing for Dealerships

IT’S A FACT, the average customer now visits only 2 dealerships before they buy. And engagement by the sales staff has been diminishing. UNTIL NOW!

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ENGAGE your sales staff with the consumer during a critical portion of the 90-day purchase path. Connecting with the customer in the first 30 to 60 days puts your dealership front and center during an extremely important time. Historically, there has been no clear or reliable way to achieve this advantage.

This new program allows you to do just that. Peer2Peer Marketing uses social media to nurture a more personalized relationship between your staff and in-market prospects.

THE RESULTS ARE IN and the stats on web traffic and VDP views will astound you. It’s easy to get started and will require only a simple reallocation of existing marketing budgets. But the real news is you’ll be top-of-mind when the critical decision is made…
which 2 dealerships will I visit?

Peer2Peer Marketing provides impact each and every day. If you want to increase traffic and sales, you need to engage the consumer earlier and more often during the 90-day consumer purchase path. P2P Marketing is YOUR BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION.